Take Action


Collect food.  LUCHA’s food distribution program, Cinco Panes, needs staples like rice, dry beans, maseca, and cooking oil.

Not local?  Consider your local food bank or pantries.  Do they offer primarily canned or dry goods for the “average” American family, or are they more user-friendly for immigrants and refugees?  Can you help bridge this gap through education or advocacy, or by adapting your organization’s food distribution ministry to better address the needs of immigrants and refugees?

Support ELLs (English Language Learners).  Check with your local school and ask if you can help students from immigrant families who are struggling with online learning, who need tutors in specific areas, or who would benefit from having a reading buddy (virtual options are  available).

Provide gift cards for families (VISA or MasterCard, Walmart, Target, etc.) or as an encouragement for students.

Invite a speaker for your group.  Greg, Sue, and others from LUCHA Ministries welcome opportunities to speak with groups about our work, about immigration in general or immigration law and policy, and about ways you can better engage.

Become an informed advocate!  To engage in advocacy is to add your voice in support of an issue — or support for an individual through accompaniment.  Read about CBF’s statement of values and principles for immigration reform and see how we’re working alongside many others on behalf of immigrants and refugees.


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