Want to make a difference? How You Can Help LUCHA Ministries

Many people ask, “How is LUCHA funded?”  LUCHA is its own 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and is not directly supported by any specific organization.  During FY 2014, approximately 65% of our financial support came from individual donors, and the remaining 35% through churches, special offerings, grants, and from other organizations. That means that you, our friends and neighbors, are a vital part of what we do.

God has allowed LUCHA Ministries to do some amazing things, and yet we are at a point where LUCHA needs to increase its revenue in order to do even more, to better serve our immigrant families, to raise awareness and serve as advocates. We continue to depend on dedicated volunteers, who are very committed and work tirelessly for LUCHA, but we need another paid staff member to direct programs, manage logistics and help us coordinate volunteer efforts. We can and do utilize student workers and interns, but we must provide for their expenses and/or offer a stipend. While the costs are skyrocketing, so too are the needs.

We’ve all been hearing about unaccompanied minors coming to our area to be reunited with family here in the US.  Their needs are formidable, and their families are often overwhelmed when they arrive.  Several of the families we serve are sponsors for recently-arrived family members, and we provide food, help with transportation, and ensure that they find the help they need in the community.  Your donations help provide emergency assistance to help these and other needy families get through times of crisis.

Project ¡Adelante! needs stipends for English teachers and other instructors, and for scholarships for students to earn professional certifications, such as training through the American Red Cross.  Providing childcare for preschoolers allows parents to study English while their children receive homework assistance through Bridges of Hope, and it also provides part-time work, training, and experience for the childcare providers.

We want your help! Please commit to giving, volunteering, serving, and/or praying for LUCHA. Consider talking with your church, Bible Study or missions group and ask them to support us. Maybe you sit on the board of a foundation or organization that would consider aiding our efforts and can help by recommending LUCHA Ministries for financial assistance.  We spend considerable time writing grant applications in an effort to raise more revenue, and your help in finding potential grants or securing funding is very important.

Also, when you shop through Amazon, be sure to use AmazonSmile and designate LUCHA as your charity of choice.  Every little bit goes a long ways toward caring for immigrant families struggling in their new home.  And finally, check the opportunities for giving through your workplace.  As a member of the Rappahannock United Way, LUCHA can receive donations through federated campaigns.

In celebration of our first ten years of ministry, we hope you will donate ten dollars per month to assist LUCHA in serving the needs of our immigrant community.  Our commitment in the community is the result of dedicated and hard-working volunteers as well as the gracious giving of our donors.  In addition to giving online via PayPal (no account necessary), we welcome your cash and checks.  Your gifts are tax deductible.

We are thankful to God that you choose to be part of this ministry, and continue to be amazed and humbled by God’s provision.  Please click HERE to donate.

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